How to order VEGAN at PapaXốt

‘Ello! Long time no post ey?

*whispers: I’m not dead yet…

Anyways, today I’m telling the list of the vegan food at one of my fav place to get lunch. You could probably guess it from the title. It’s Papa Xốt!

I mean, seriously, if you only get to eat one place in Ho Chi Minh city and you brought some non-vegan friend then I will recommend this place!

Also they are not sponsors, lol

Let’s start with the main dish 🙂

Well, apparently, from their website, the only thing you can get is Mien Xeo Chay (Chay is vegetarian, Mien is glass noodles, and Xeo is their funny way to pronounce Xao, which is stir fry)

NOTE: I have NEVER try this dish myself, but the other non-vegan dish tasted good and I trust the chef so…

For the sides and salad, you can get this, which is Vinagrette Salad

and (obviously), the rice and fries

For the drinks, I don’t know what’s in the Blueberry, all those Papa specialty drinks, or even the Melder tea and soda, ’cause they don’t list it on the website. Also I’m too shy to ask them. So for drinks, I only recommend the Trà Tắc (Kumquat Tea), Trà Đào (Peach Tea), and the 7Up and Pepsi.

And that’s it!

I’m gonna make more about ordering Vegan when you’re in my city, so stay tuned!


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